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When it comes to the hardship in the relationship between the partners, the usage of PDASPY.com may make your life either easier
or more complicated. By entering and registering on PDASPY.com,everyone is solely responsible for their own use of the sms spy software.
PDASPY.com doesn’t hold any responsibility for unlawful usage of the program PDASPY.com.

Cell Phone Spy Tracking Software for Android

The program has gained major media attention from dozens of radio stations, magazines and web sites all over the world.powerful yet completely stealth cell-phone monitoring software that tracks and records ALL information almost in real-time, which can then be viewed at from ANY computer in the world. Android Spy amazing SMS tracking technology will actually give you word-for-word SMS logs of every message being sent and received... EVEN if the holder has erased them! To get calls specification from any cell phone, it is enough to setup Cell Phone Spy Tracking Software on desired phone. Upon completion of the setup process, it will be possible to read another’s sms, know duration of the calls, and to track locality of the phone movement.

After the setup process is complete, cell phone tracking logs will be available on the web in convenient format with possibility to choose from sms logs, call logs, and gps logs.

It will present not only the phone number of the subscriber, but the caller’s name and duration of the phone call. Cell Phone Spy Tracking Software is able to present even deleted sms, phone numbers, and time of the call.

Cell Phone Spy Application:

Supports: All android cell phones

It is possible to test the program within the first 24 hours at no cost. In order to get an instant access to any information on the phone, download Cell Phone Spy Tracking Software now. 

Register to get an instant access to download cell phone spy Tracking Software. User registration will create personal account on the site where all details of text messages (sms), phone calls, and GPS locations will be stored. By downloading the cell phone spy tracking application, you instantly agree with our terms of use.

If Cell Phone Spy Tracking Program is not downloaded from Android Market, please configure application as it is described in the setup instructions on the website.

Why would I need this mobile spy software?

If you are worried that your children or employees are using any of your smartphones inappropriately, then Mobile Spy is just for you. SMS (text messaging) has become a popular way for people to communicate.

Invisible android spy application.

After installing android spy application, phone will work normally, but android spy application will turn on to hidden mode. Invisible cell phone spy does not conflict with antivirus software, since it is a safe application.


Sms recording (text tracking, data/time, number of sender/receiver)

Phone Calls

Phone calls details (history of incoming/outgoing calls including date/time, phone number, duration of the phone call)


Personal account access from a computer or a phone.


GPS spy tracking phone location with the accuracy of less than 1 meter.


If you have already installed the program on the phone, please wait a couple of minutes until sms recordings, call details, and gps data will appear on your account. Text messages, phone call details , and gps coordinates will be transferred to the website through the internet.

IYou can even access the logs from a remote location by logging into the site from any Internet web browser. Even if the phone you wish to spy on is not connected the Internet, information about other text messages and call details will be collected regularly by sms spy application. But in order to receive all collected data on your account will be possible if you connect your phone to the computer that has Internet access. As soon as the phone finds at least a temporary internet connection, all the captured text messages, detailed phone calls and gps coordinates will be transferred to the website on your account immediately.

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How to open new account?
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How to access the account?
To access the account you need to register.
What happens at the expiration of the test period?
The account will be temporally blocked until the payment for account use is received.

* Cell Phone Spyware support Adnroid and Windows Mobile cell phones  

* Under development