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When it comes to the hardship in the relationship between the partners, the usage of PDASPY.com may make your life either easier
or more complicated. By entering and registering on PDASPY.com,everyone is solely responsible for their own use of the sms spy software.
PDASPY.com doesn’t hold any responsibility for unlawful usage of the program PDASPY.com.

Until August 1 ONLY the cost of Invisible cell phone spy ware is reduced by 50%

Actual price 12.99$

Initially, PDASPY.com program was created as a program to monitor minors. Now, any parent without the constant calls, can learn how regularly child attends the school, whether he has significant problems either at school or during a conversation. Invisible cell phone spy ware is unreplaceable assistant in the education and supervision of children.

Today invisible cell phone spy ware application 3.2 can be installed on multiple phones simultaneously. It does not matter where the phones are, or who are their network operators. Some large companies successfully install spy ware program on corporate phones to monitor work hours and whereabouts of their sales agents. There is nothing easier than to find out the location of the person, if the phone has a GPS module + invisible cell phone spy ware.

Invisible cell phone spy ware has wide range of use. It is not necessarily to read other people's sms, you can only use GPS search or phone call details.

There are three modules of invisible cell phone spy ware:

  • Logging
  • Module of call details present caller ID number, date and time, and duration of the call.
  • Module of logging sms message details.
  • Module of reading other’s sms present caller ID number, recorded text message, and date and time of dispatch / receipt.
  • Module of GPS logging.
  • Module GPS locate a man on a map within a street, alley, house.

If someone else's sms or incoming and outgoing calls details have been erased, the program will be still able to record and send it to your account.

Most importantly, it doesn’t make sense to pay to test the program, it is enough to register on PDASPY.com and install downloaded program on the phone you wish to spy on. There is 24 hours are given to test the program after registering on the site.

There are the following evidences that the Invisible cell phone spy ware PDASPY really exists:

  • Invisible cell phone spy ware designed for phones running Android and Windows Mobile. Program can not be installed on any phone.
  • Free download of Invisible cell phone spyware can be done by any registered user, PDASPY.com does not require prepayment or activation sms.

Specifications of invisible cell phone spy ware:

  • Installation file size 116 KB
  • Spy ware gets installed in the phone memory
  • Interval of sending and collecting the logs at least 5 minutes
  • Internet traffic with data transfer does not exceed 0.01 Mb
  • Presetting of the program has to be done with the phone you wish to spy on
  • Cell phone spy ware can be installed on multiple phones simultaneously
  • The work program does not depend on the country of any cellular carrier

Demo account will give ideas about the format of storage and management of recorded data.

Spy Account contains the following sections:

- Call Detail Records
- SMS Journal
- GPS coordinates pointed to goole maps

Do not miss the opportunity to secure yourself and your loved ones!

We accept:

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How to access the account?
To access the account you need to register.
What happens at the expiration of the test period?
The account will be temporally blocked until the payment for account use is received.

* Cell Phone Spyware support Adnroid and Windows Mobile cell phones  

* Under development