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When it comes to the hardship in the relationship between the partners, the usage of PDASPY.com may make your life either easier
or more complicated. By entering and registering on PDASPY.com,everyone is solely responsible for their own use of the sms spy software.
PDASPY.com doesn’t hold any responsibility for unlawful usage of the program PDASPY.com.

How to make PdaSpy invisible / and how to install and configure application properly:

Step 1

Step 2

    Install and click open button:

Step 3

    Click open new account or use existing pdaspy.com account buttons

Step 5

    Enter your login email and password

Step 4

    Chose interval value to synchronize logs between phone and website (recommended 30 minutes)

Step 6

    Click button Save&Start - now all messages calls and GPS location will be synchronized with website so you can track phone activity online at pdaspy.com

Step 7

    Restart your phone - and icon going to be removed from your phone :

Step 8

    Log in to your new pdaspy.com account - for tracking details.

We accept:

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How to open new account?
To open and access the account you need to register here

How to access the account?
To access the account you need to register.
What happens at the expiration of the test period?
The account will be temporally blocked until the payment for account use is received.

* Cell Phone Spyware support Adnroid and Windows Mobile cell phones  

* Under development